Parasound CBD 2000 Transport

Good afternoon to all. I am wondering if anyone has experience with this particular transport and if the following can be achieved:

1. Made to accomodate HDCD and Redbook CD's as well?
2. Where can this unit be sent for check up and repairs if needed?
3. Is it possible to clean the lens with anything available off the shelf?
4. What DAC's are available to make this unit sing and would it be better to use a tube DAC?
5. Is there a special lens used in the latest CD players and/or transports that enable them to properly play Redbook and HDCD's?
6. What can I use besides a dry rag to clean and polish this unit?
7. How often will the belt and lens need to be replaced?

Thank you all for your response. I am more than appreciative. Have a great and blessed day.
I've owned a highly modified version of this as transport only. It was wonderful, yet did not play burned CDs consistently. Will play HDCD as a Redbook disc unless used only as a transport into a DAC with the HDCD chip. Never cleaned the lens. Any decent DAC will do. I used a Hermes. Hope this helps.
Hello Celtic66,

I do appreciate your response. I don't plan to play anything but commercial CD's. When you say that it will play HDCD's as a Redbook disc what do you mean sir? If I obtain a DAC with an HDCD chip won't the Parasound play the disk properly?

Also sir, explain highly modified? What did you add on, etc to bring about the modification if you can recall? Thanks again for your comments.
A DAC with the Pacific Microsonics chip will decode the disc as HDCD. The transport I owned had quite a bit of Black Gate work and power section modification which really opened it up. Best transport by far I've ever heard. Now resides in a system with custom built tube preamp, DAC and large VTL monoblocks driving Martin Logan CLS electrostatic.

Good evening sir. Would you please tell me what tech did the modification for you? I am looking for one to take a look at my Transport to clean the lens, etc. I will also need a great tech to do other work when and if needed like modifications such as you mentioned. Thank you again for responding sir.