Paradisea dac with Monarchy upsampler?

Has anyone tried this combo? Will they work together and is there any benefit? I am unsure as to whether a Paradisea Dac will accept the upsampled signal?

thanks --len
Yes this combo will work, I have used it. No problems at all. The receiver chip in the Paradisea will accept up to 24bit/96khz. I prefer running 24/48 into the DAC..just a fuller sound without that highend grunge.

If using a single disc player. Yes there are possible benefits. Increased level of detail, less glare, images have more of a solidity to them. The bass also seems to get more profound and vibrant.

Right now I run the Paradisea directly off my computer's optical output using Foobar and Winamp most of the time. I use the Secret Rabbit code with the Foobar which takes the place of my DIP upsampler. Tomorrow morning I'll put the Trends audio UD-10 USB converter in and see/hear what happens.
I echo Gmood1's comments on the Paradisea Dac/Monarchy upsampler combo, good combination. If you are considering PC Audio, you might also want to consider the Constantine USB DAC which is essientially the Paradisea without the tube. That way if you want to try PC Audio you would have a simple USB from the PC to the DAC connection. Not sure of the sound quality but it would eliminate an additional USB converter.
Thanks Launche ..I forgot about their USB DAC. That would eliminate one or two components!

thanks for your response's. I am considering either this combo or the monarchy upsampler that I already have into a Lavry da 10. Any other suggestions for under $1000? current system: rogue 66magnum pre-amp, musical fidelity amp a3cr, dynaudio contour 1.1 with sub.Janus and rega turntable, equi=tech conditioner, kimber cables. currently using a ART-DIO dac with bolder power.