Paradigm Studio 40s with NAD?

I have an old NAD 3140 integrated amp and Boston Acoustics A40s in my 12x16 living room, and am planning to upgrade. I listen to mostly classical, though also significantly to jazz and classic rock. I recently heard the Paradigm Studio 40 v3s with some good electronics, which blew me away. Unfortunately for me, if I get the Studio 40s, I won't be able to afford an amp with it at this time. Any thoughts on pairing the Studio 40s with my NAD for the time being? Also, thinking down the line, I've heard good things about the Creek 4330, but was wondering if it would have enough power to comfortably drive the Studio 40s at moderately loud volumes. I've heard that the 40s really need around 150 WPC and decent current. Any thoughts on this or suggestions for other budget-minded integrated amps for the Studio 40s would be much appreciated.

Hi there,
I have the 60v2's with an NAD7100 receiver (2x50wpc) pushing them and sounds quite good. I find that the NAD does fine as long as recording is good. At times you do need to turn it up to give the speakers that extra little bit of power they want. The 40v3's are I believe a better db rating that my 60v2's, if so you be happy (for a while anyway).
Just my 2 cent.
i have the studio 60's and use a denon pma 2000ivr integrated amp which has tons of current that will bring out the bass and the amp is on the warm side of nuetral.
rjyun10, I don't think you have enough power to get the most out of the Studio 40's. Just for the heck of it, try the Studio 20's. You may be able to free up some money to buy the proper electronics by going that way. Either way, 20's or 40's, check out the NAD C270 power amp for sale here. If your integrated has pre-outs you can use it as a pre-amp and increase your power in a hurry. You will also bypass the "integrated amp stage" of buying equipment. Then when or if you want sometime, upgrade to a pre-amp. Hope this answers your question!
Thanks for the kind replies. I've compared the 20s and 40s head-to-head at a dealer with newer NAD electronics, and actually thought the 20s sounded slightly better to my ears, with the exception of the weaker bass. Argh--the tradeoffs! Using my integrated (NAD 3150-- I mistakingly mistyped 3140 before) as a preamp is a very interesting idea I hadn't thought of... haven't heard many different amps, though. I'm not sure if I'd get more bang for the buck spending money on power (NAD power amp) or on quality (Creek or other integrated). I'm having great fun straining my brain with fantasy comparisons, but will have to try to do more actual listening!