Paradigm Studio 20 v.2's vs. Revel m20

I purchased some real wood Cherry Studio 20 v'2's about 8 months which have been really great speakers. I have the urge for an upgrade and was wondering what everyone thought of the Revel M20's. I keep reading great reviews about them almost everywhere. As good as the Studio 20's are, will the M20's be worth the upgrade? Right now I'm powering my 20's using an Integra DTR 8.2 (i'll be upgrading to seperates soon).

Also I just purchased a nice stand for my DLP but my Center channel is too big to fit in the stand (Studio CC V.2). Does anyone know of a comporable or better center that isn't quite so big?
The Revel center (C30, or I guess it's now the 32) is nominally smaller than the Studio CC v.2. It's also supposed to be an exceptional CC - clear as can be on voices, etc. I guess it depends on just how much (& where/why) your CC v.2 doesn't fit in the new stand.

You should definitely run out and get the Revel kit - Monitors and probably that Center. Then send those old decrepit Studio 20s right to me and life will be good... ;~)
I've had both speakers, more than once. The studio 20's are great. I'm using the v.3 as I write this. But, they don't hold a candle to the Revels. With the right equipment, the M20's are unbelievable. And at the price they are going for on the used market, an even better value. Don't think twice about that upgrade. It is worth it.
Thanks for the quick responses! I'll def. be on the lookout for the speakers on the used market. I'll give you a heads up Mr_hosehead when I decide to sell the 20's :)

S7horton why did you end up going with the 20 V.3's after the revels? Just wondering. I'm going to take the plunge and upgrade!
Well, I didn't go from the M20's to the v.3 There were about 15 different pairs of speakers between those two. A job change forced the sale of B&W Sig 805's and I've stepped back to the paradigm v.3. Basically I was looking for a budget speaker I could live with till the budget allowed insane amounts of cash to be spent on some other high end monitors.