Paradigm signatures with tube amp

I have Paradigm S2V3s and have recently purchased a Cayin A100T that I am now driving these with. The improvement over my DAC-2 as Pre and older Odyssey Stratos is very substantial. No knock on either one. I think this may have been a bad combo and suspecting the DAC-2 as preamp as being the main culprit. Could not even think about listening to rock or metal before as it was too harsh and the cymbals sounded Jangly, electronic, and overpowering. Now vocals sound MUCH more natural, guitar more crunchy and realistic, cymbals natural and better integrated. I own Usher Be 718s, and Dynaudio Focus 140 also. What were my thinnest kind of boring sounding speakers (S2s) have now become my reference with the addition of this integrated for both vocals and rockin out. What I always assumed of tubes were they were only for Jazz, classical, etc because they were slow with poor dynamics IMO simply is not true. This amp is fast and dynamic with meat on the bones. Everyone who has heard the new setup agrees that it's a rockin machine (use JL F113 for the low end). Curious to see if anyone else has tried tube amplification for the Paradigms.
I used to have paradigm S2's v3 with a Hybrid tube integrated. The paradigms are definitely a very bright speaker and tubes really tame the highs. I eventually sold the paradigms and will never go back to paradigm........