Rotel RB-1080/Totem Model 1 Signatures?

Does anyone think this amp is too much for the M1 Signature?
The Rotel is rated at 200W@8ohms, and the M1S are rated for 120 and are 4 ohms, and I am using a Cambridge A500 as a preamp. I also have an Energy Encore sub to fill in the bottom end, to take a bit of the low end stress off the mains.
Are these known to be a fragile monitor? Has anyone had issues? Are there any precautions I could take to protect the speakers?

If you have them High passed with a Sub, then it should be fine. Contrary to popular believe, I think high powered amps 200W+, will push small drivers to hard. I don't like using over 100 W amps with monitors, but that is just me. As long as you don't crank the volumn to high. But again, if they are high passed, there is no problem.
It's fine, and won't be a problem unless you overdrive them (try to play them too loud). But you could overdrive them even with a 100 w/c amp, and likely have bigger problems as a result because the amp may break up.
Yeah, I wanted more power because I like to turn them up. My Cambridge A500 (60wpc) would clip and that was all bad. Now, i may be on the other end of the spectrum...
I'm not familiar with the Mod 1's, nor do I have a good comprehension of how loud you're playing them when you "turn them up". I do have Mani-2's and they will play as loud as I can imagine anyone wanting to listen with no problem. I previously owned Sttafs and they are not a speaker for playing loud, though they would do high 80db to low 90db in my room without breaking a sweat). I know the woofer in the Mod 1 is beefier than the Sttaf. You may want to send an email to Totem and ask them how loud they can play. Depending on the answer, you may simply have the wrong speaker for your tastes.

Also, if the loudness you hear when cranking your Cambridge is adequate, I would imagine you're safer playing them at that level with a higher power amp.