paradigm servo 15 v2 for a small room.

hi all, i have a chance to grab a paradigm servo 15 v2 for $1200 can. is this a fair deal.

also, my room is only 14x12 with an 8 foot ceiling. i use my system for movies only.

my question is will the servo 15 v2 be overkill for such a small room. will it loose its accuracy and tighness because the small room will cause a boominess bass effect.
i do have the room treated with bass traps.

i need your advice on this matter. should i get this servo 15 v2 or possibly get dual subs in either 10" or 12" to keep the bass quick and tight.

thanks all

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This sub is a monster, best I have had even compared to the acclaimed REL and others. Price is not bad. Mine is in a 30 X 24 room. Enjoy my friend.