Paradigm Atom S7 vs Monitor Audio MR2??

Hi All,

I am putting together a secondary system in my family room where, especially in the cold Winnipeg winters, we spend some quality time with the fireplace in that room. Right now we have a Sony micro system in there and the sound is mediocre at best.

It has been suggested that a Marantz M-CR603 and a pair of Paradigm Atom S7's might be a nice little system. I was also wondering about the new Monitor Audio MR2's? Price point is similar.

Both would likely be a BIG bump up in music quality.

Any thoughts on these 2 speakers? Preferences?


Here is another suggestion. Vanns has the Energy RC 10 , which has a retail of $600 for $220 with free shipping.

I have owned these speakers and have used them happily in a secondary system. Attached is a review of the RC10 that might be of interest.

Thanks Rich,

To be honest I had never heard of this line of speakers before. The review you attached is very complementary. My fear is the Marantz I am considering wouldn't have the power to drive these efficiently enough for them to really perform to their potential. But I'll do a little more research.

I appreciate the suggestion!