Pappa John,Frank,Fred,and Jack Assunto.50s music

Pappa John Assunto, played with Bill Halley and the Commets. I remember the names of all the Comets to this day, as I fell in love for the first time at 15 years old.

Tonight I rolled out an Audio Fidelity LP of The Dukes Of Dixieland. I bought all 12 when I was in High Schyool in the mid 50s. For the first time I read the credits, and LO AND BEHOLD, there were 3 Asssunto guys credited. It must have been the same clan. What do youknow about these 50 rockers?

Ken Fritz
Hey Ken...great bit of nostalgia!

P.S. I remember them also.....:)
If this is the New Orleans based Dukes of Dixieland, by the late '80s they were playing Dixieland, not rock. I used to be a banker to the independent power production industry which held its annual convention in New Orleans. Every year, our bank, like the others in that sector, threw a big party for our clients at the covention. I was the (poor, unfortunate) guy who had to go to New Orleans every year to arrange the party.

One year, I hired the Dukes. They were flat out the best band I hired (including Al Hirt one year). Not only was the music great, but the guys couldn't have been better. During their break, at their own initiative, they all changed into the logo shirts and hats we'd brought along for clients and played the second set wearing our gear. Incredibly nice guys and a smokin' dixieland band to boot!

The original Comets were (are):
Johnny Grande
Dick Richards
Joey Ambrose
Marshall Lytle
Franny Beecher
I remember going to an industry trade show in New Orleans at the end of the 80s, and was surprised they were still playing. I then realized the members were not the same as the original Dukes.

The 12 lps I have are al mono , recorded on Audio Fidelity in the late 50s. AT that time the members wereFrank Assunto- trumpet, Fred Assunto-trombone, Jac Assunto-trombone and banjo,Harold Cooper-clarinet,Stan Mendelson-piano, Jon Edwsards- drums,, and Bill Porter on tuba and string bass.

I need to dig out the rest of the set, as I remember they all sounded great. Audio Fidelity always pumped up the sound as if bass and treble controls were always on.

I thought I remembered all of the comets but I can only think of Papa John Assunto, Rudy Pompelie,--? . I'm referring to the
comets at and before rock around the clock, 1957 and before. Help me out or I'll need to dig out my old records to find the credits. I recognize NONE of the names you listed. Could they be at the end of the Comets Trail?