Pairing McIntosh with B&W CM7s

Hi there,
I have been running my B&W CM7 speakers with a Rotel RA1062 and am thinking it's time to upgrade. the soundstage has little depth with the Rotel and it is also sort of dry and not too musical. Since hearing the Mcintosh 6900 at the dealer, I've been thinking of getting one - it will have to be an used unit though. The rest of my system is comprised of a Rotel 1062 CD player + Grant FIdelity tube buffer, a Clearaudio Performance turntable with Benz L2 cartridge and Moon LP3 phono stage. Would the MC6900 be a good match?
it depends, what you like on the B&W speakers...if you want the midrange, then the McIntosh is great amp, but if you are all over from the detail and soundstage, Classe amps might be a better choice for these babies...
It's ok. Both Audio Research and Naim make integrateds that mate up better with those speakers in my opinion.
The Supernait from Naim is STUNNING with B&W's.