Paging Mr. Albert Porter

Hi Albert, Its been about a year since you got your Dali Mega-Liners. You were nice enough to share your opinions regarding their sound in your system here on the Gon and Positive Feedback Online at the beginning of your audtion process.( An unbelievable long break in, your desire to change certain parts, and waiting to have the external crossovers replaced with custom tube ones, if I remember correctly) Well, what has happened? What's the verdict? Are you a happy audiophile with Dali's now? It would be greatly appreciated if you would share the, "current state of the art" regarding your speakers. I'll thank you in advance.
Hello Teajay, yes I am very happy.

I need to complete "The Dali Megaline Part II" review for Positive Feedback but always seem to have another spanner in the works, keeping me from posting final results.

Not only have I tried the Megalines with half a dozen amps, I was rolling tubes and breaking in a custom built crossover at the same time and tweaking room position and crossover adjustments.

The crossover is an absolute wonder, literally transformed the speakers. I hate to say it, but I might have considered selling the Megaline if the original crossover had been the only way I auditioned them (in spite of the rave review by Robert Greene).

I currently have two pair of VTL 750's and initial impression is that matched amps are the way to go, just as Dali suggested from the beginning.

My issue was resolving the agony of buying a second pair of VTL 750's for the ribbon drivers.

In the end, it was the tonal character and equipment matching that proved more valuable than power and since power WAS a requirement for the 24 woofers, the VTL 750 became a necessity for the ribbons as well.

I have all new cable coming from Purist Audio, supposed to ship this Wed or Thursday. This is a new line not announced to the public and a tremendous break though according to Jim Aud.

My Koetsu Jade Platinum is supposed to ship in the next day or two and I have NOS tubes ordered for the four VTL 750's. I guess like every audiophile I am trying to get the system to perfection before reporting on it.

This time it's been very difficult, having come from owning Sound-Labs for over fifteen years and doing every mod and tweak known to man, then trying to get a totally new design to 100%, in little more than a year.

I must be doing something right, at our last Tuesday night meeting two of my regular guys had just returned from RMAF (as well as myself), and commented that nothing playing there could even hold a candle to were I am with the system right now.

Still, I am absolutely certain that I can get another 30% to 50% improvement in the next six months, but will likely post a final review prior to maxing out everything.
so much for plug and play
Finally--Albert reallizes ribbons are the way to go...
Are speakers any good if you have to do THAT much work to them, or are you never happy? seems a bit odd to me, but god bless.
Are speakers any good if you have to do THAT much work to them, or are you never happy?....

Nah--it's called *audiophillia*.

The mod Dan Wright did to my little ribbon powered Swans was more expensive than the speakers. Audiophillia again...


Regardless of which speaker I had chosen, my performance standards are sufficiently high enough, that mods would have probably been required on whatever I bought.

The list started with (in no particular order) Wilson Maxx 2, Maggie 20.1, Martin Coltrane, Avalon Diamond, Sound-Lab Ultimates (replacing same) Kharma 1De and Dali Megaline.

The crossover on my Sound-Lab had been rebuilt so many times, the only thing original was the metal back plate itself. Those upgrades, custom loading bags for the uprights, custom machined parts for the frame and ballasts transformed an excellent speaker into an unbelievable speaker.

Had a speaker other than the Dali been chosen, the same work (may) have applied. I did not go that way so I cannot detail in advance what might have been required.

What I do know for certain, the maggie 20.1 has a disaster for a crossover and I had two crossovers planned and designed. One at $3800.00 and one at $4200.00. Other speakers had various things I was checking on when I decided on the Dali Megalines.

All this is relative as to what you expect. If your happy with everything "out of the box," then lucky for you.

I have been in this so long my expectations are different and I will not throw away the possibility of making drastic improvements to my speaker of choice. That being said, I'll wager I could have made any of the speakers on my list much better performers and I'll also wager I could transform your speakers too.

This of course assumes you wanted EXACTLY what I want as far as sound. Your comments seem to indicate that is not the case, so you can be happy where you are and I will continue to work my system until I reach my goal.
Well Albert if you will flip the bill, come on down and work your magic hehehe. As a side note I know how it is to want to squeak out everything possible from any peice of gear, the money you put in is just stagering to me in my situation, no offense intended...god bless the quest!
Did I mention to come on up and work your magic for me and my admittedy humble rig Albert?
Hey, if it's working well for you and your beautiful wife, you don't need any help from me.
it can always get better :)
Albert, that was a great one!
Good to see you here Tom, come on over and lets listen.

Warn me when your on the way so I can put a heavy towel on my new sofa to protect it against that bad ass dog of yours :^).
only the maggies would seem to be usable without turning the speaker inside out. the other brands are really not for music lovers. audiophiles only.
Maybe so but Magnepans will never excite me, I could listen to them all day and not get fatigue, but I could also walk away and forget music that played....just blan.
Jaybo, are you referring to my list of possible candidates ?

Wilson Maxx 2, Maggie 20.1, Martin Coltrane, Avalon Diamond, Sound-Lab Ultimates, Kharma 1De and Dali Megaline

If so, I can't imagine your saying Sound-Lab and Dali Megaline are not music lovers speakers.
only the maggie would be a classic. the avalon next. the others are way too fussy in every way
Jaybo, how much experience do you have with each of these speakers to base your comments on?

I ask because I owned two of the speakers on the list and all the others (except the Avalon Diamond) are owned by guys in my music group.

I returned home not 20 minutes ago from listening all evening to Kharma Exquisite 1De. They and the other speakers mentioned are far from fussy and no more or less work than the Maggie.
Albert, I just got through reading, in my opinion, a very well written and comprehensive review of your Dali Megaliners by Paul Messenger in the current issue of hi>fi+. What I think you will find the most interesting and salient aspect of the review will be his comments on the inadequacy/inferior aspects of the Dali crossover, which he believes dramaticly gets in the way of the speakers ultimate ability/performance. I believe thats the same conclusion you came to regarding your Megaliners, hence, your custom made crossovers to get your babies to really sing with their true voice. Just, thought you might want to take a look, so I'm passing this on to you.
If you had my Genesis 201's would you rip them apart looking for nervona?? Possibly the best speakers I have owned over the years. I have not heard much that can compare to them when auditioning equiptment.
Thanks Teajay, I need to have a look at that review. It's funny they arrived at the same conclusion I did a year ago. The crossover I had designed and built literally transformed the speaker.

My audio group met last night, and as always we were commenting on the systems progress. General consensus is I've surpassed my previous Sound-Lab U-1's in the impossible area of "middle" midrange where these big electrostatics take on all comers.

The rest of the tonal range of this speaker is superb, I have bass that literally shudders the room when the musical content calls for it.

I just installed the (not yet released) Purist Audio 20th Anniversary cables and that plus the Telefunken 12AT7 input tubes and 6350 drivers are putting this system into scary territory.

I wish this discussion was on my thread:

Albert Porter System

It's confusing to switch back and forth on progress of the system on two threads.
i have had experience with both avalons and maggies(since their inception).....racerxnt is right, the genesis 201 is far and away a reference product. far more than attractive furniture.
Hello :)

I might be purchasing a Dali Megalines set soon. May I ask if you make your custom crossovers for sale? If so, how much would it cost? Can I try it risk free?

If not, would you be so kind as to share the design so I can make one for myself (a scary proposition indeed).

Thank you,

I think purchasing the Dali Megaline is a wise choice, I absolutely love mine now that I have everything sorted out.

I do not sell the custom Dali crossover. Tom will construct another one if your willing to wait while he assembles it.

It is all hand construction with parts matched to less than 1%, point to point wire and non magnetic chassis, outboard tube power supply (supplied with Ken Rad tube).

I make no money on this, just contact him directly. The last I spoke to Tom, he required about $3000.00 to duplicate my unit. As for internal construction, I could supply photography but no schematic.

I hired Tom and participated in selecting the chassis, cage, face and size, overall appearance and color and such and Tom designed the circuit by reverse engineering (my) original factory stock unit and basing changes to that design on what I wanted. I ask for unity gain HF, bass EQ adjust and Bass gain adjust with no transistors and requested outboard power supply.

To email me with questions and Tom's phone number , click on my name and go through the Audiogon server.
Hi Albert, an audiophile friend asked me a question regarding Dali speakers that I could not answer, but thought you might be able to.
The question regarded the Dali speaker, don't know the model number, but believe its their second best speaker after your Megaliners in their line, costs around $14000.00 and has some of the same drive units that are used in your reference speakers is: Does this speaker give you any of the magic/grandier of the Megaliners? If not, do they offer their own virtues at this price range compared with other speakers you have heard? I have heard the Megaliners, but nothing else in the Dali speaker line so I could not be helpful to him at all, thats way I thought you might be able to provide some information and your valued opinion. I will thank you in advance.
Could it be the Euphonia line he's asking about?

I never looked at other speakers in Dali's lineup except the Megaline when I was deciding on speakers. I was focused on it, Sound-Lab, Martin Coltrane, Dali Megaline, Maggie 20.1 and the Kharma Exquisite.