Overrated & Underrated


Bob Marley
Stevie Wonder
The Beatles
Chuck Berry
Pearl Jam
Elton John
Janis Joplin
Miles Davis
Joni Mitchell
Canada’s contributions to popular music
Neil Young
Ronald Reagan
Napa Cabernet


Toots Hibbert
Chicago Soul
Curtis Mayfield
Bo Diddley
Robert Fripp
Joy Division
Marc Bolan
Etta James
Early Miles Davis
Bob Dylan (really)
Jamaica’s contributions to popular music
Neil Diamond
Rock Steady
Lyndon Johnson
German Riesling
Ohio State
I have to ask, Silver Oak, Reagan, and Celine Dion was sarcasm wasn't it?
Partially Jond.

Silver Oak makes great cabernet, as does Montelena, Caymus, Foreman, and Dunn. There are a few other Napa estates that also produce great cabs. As a group - the Napa estates produce the best cabs in the world and Silver Oak is one of my favorites. But for chardonnay I prefer Sonoma.

Reagan got it right. He worked with a House of Representatives controlled by the Democrats during his entire presidency as well as a Senate that was also controlled by the Democrats for a portion of his tenure. Yet, even with the house and Senate controlled by the Democrats, Reagan got two major tax bills passed (ERTA and TEFRA)and reversed a horrible economy. The third major tax bill (TRA 86) was passed when the House was controlled by the Democrats and the Senate was controlled by the Republicans. He also brought the evil empire to its knees with the long term benefit of a reduced defense budget while leaving the USA as the only true world power.

I really don't care about Celine Dion. Actually, I kind of agree with the guy as far as Marley, The Beatles, and Elton John are concerned.
Tweakgeek- Agree with you on Napa Cabernets, I prefer Sonoma Valley.

But Abba underrrated? You've been spending way too much time on elevators. I guess if you drink enough German Riesling anything might sound good.
We're definitely far apart on politics, but to each they're own. As far as wine goes, I agree with Montelena, Forman, and Dunn, but not Caymus or Silver Oak. If you can, check out Von Strasser, Kamen (very small Sonoma Mtn. producer), Arns, Hartwell, and Robert Craig. And lastly for music, Elton John maybe, but Marley and the Beatles are among the cornerstones of American popular music in my opinion. Cheers.