Overrated & Underrated


Bob Marley
Stevie Wonder
The Beatles
Chuck Berry
Pearl Jam
Elton John
Janis Joplin
Miles Davis
Joni Mitchell
Canada’s contributions to popular music
Neil Young
Ronald Reagan
Napa Cabernet


Toots Hibbert
Chicago Soul
Curtis Mayfield
Bo Diddley
Robert Fripp
Joy Division
Marc Bolan
Etta James
Early Miles Davis
Bob Dylan (really)
Jamaica’s contributions to popular music
Neil Diamond
Rock Steady
Lyndon Johnson
German Riesling
Ohio State
I think several of your "under rated" are over rated!
I agree. You have underrated many by saying they are overrated; and overrated many by saying they are underrated.

It therefore gives me the impression this is all a bunch of BS intended to start a heated debate.
Although Ohio State did win :-)
I think the postings of Nrchy and Sugarbrie are underrated and should be put in all bold type.
Where can one get access to such ratings?
Give him credit on Ohio State.
Silly me - Here I am sipping my 1985 Silver Oak Cabernet; fondly remembering the Reagan years with Celine Dion singing in the background.

I will now go back and open up a Bernkestler Doctor, thank LBJ for Viet Nam, get yelled at by my wife for polluting the house with Bob Dylan's voice and wonder how in the hell can a team that is ranked number 1 and has been awarded the national championship be regarded as "underrated" (could it be the "bad call" in the end zone?
Tweakgeek is obviously a fan of the "South Park" cartoon series on Comedy Central. Know how i can tell ? In one sentence, he is able to do nothing less attack a whole country i.e. "blame Canada" : ) Sean

"Canada’s contributions to popular music"
next August Ohio State will be over-rated and my Washington Huskies will travel to Columbus and kick their ass......but this year they have walked their talk......Congrats to the Buckeyes.

rating art is always a fool's game.....you like it or you don't.....and why doesn't matter much......

just stirring the sh*t a little....
I agree with Mike about rating art, but did enjoy seeing Toots recognized at the top of the underrated list.

Another well known fact about Canada, we managed to somehow contribute far less to popular music than we've been given credit for? If Canada is over-rated obviously we've been in the limelight and no one gave me an ounce of credit. None. Maybe I should write parliament and demand my fair share! Nah, they'd get wind of my demands and tax me for it. Never mind.

Nice to see Abba on the Underrated list *snickers*

Tweakgeek we will not take your bait.
Miami should have crushed Ohio. It was terrible. McGahee was injured, and then what was it, 5 turnovers. I was so upset.
Don't forget the "The" in Ohio State (i.e., The Ohio State University). It seems to be important to the people who find bragging rights important.
On the "over/under rated>>>>Is it April 1st already?? Or is our thread starter the joke ?
I have to ask, Silver Oak, Reagan, and Celine Dion was sarcasm wasn't it?
This thread is overrated.
Partially Jond.

Silver Oak makes great cabernet, as does Montelena, Caymus, Foreman, and Dunn. There are a few other Napa estates that also produce great cabs. As a group - the Napa estates produce the best cabs in the world and Silver Oak is one of my favorites. But for chardonnay I prefer Sonoma.

Reagan got it right. He worked with a House of Representatives controlled by the Democrats during his entire presidency as well as a Senate that was also controlled by the Democrats for a portion of his tenure. Yet, even with the house and Senate controlled by the Democrats, Reagan got two major tax bills passed (ERTA and TEFRA)and reversed a horrible economy. The third major tax bill (TRA 86) was passed when the House was controlled by the Democrats and the Senate was controlled by the Republicans. He also brought the evil empire to its knees with the long term benefit of a reduced defense budget while leaving the USA as the only true world power.

I really don't care about Celine Dion. Actually, I kind of agree with the guy as far as Marley, The Beatles, and Elton John are concerned.
Tweakgeek- Agree with you on Napa Cabernets, I prefer Sonoma Valley.

But Abba underrrated? You've been spending way too much time on elevators. I guess if you drink enough German Riesling anything might sound good.
We're definitely far apart on politics, but to each they're own. As far as wine goes, I agree with Montelena, Forman, and Dunn, but not Caymus or Silver Oak. If you can, check out Von Strasser, Kamen (very small Sonoma Mtn. producer), Arns, Hartwell, and Robert Craig. And lastly for music, Elton John maybe, but Marley and the Beatles are among the cornerstones of American popular music in my opinion. Cheers.
Tenniswino - Silver Oak cabs: yawza! I'm down to one of the '85 Napa, but still have a few of the Alexander and a numer of both from '84, '86 and '87 (all bought pre-kids!). Also the Dunn, Spotswood, etc. All but the '85s should be drunk in the near term (if not a few years ago :(

I still have an '84-'87 vertical of the Caymus Special Select. Unbelievably good - guess I won't invite Jond to the tasting, though . . .

You're invited - as long as we don't discuss politics!
In my view the most underrated musical classification is Contemporary Christian. I am consistently amazed at how much better sounding it is than standard pop recordings. There's even a positive message to boot. Go figure!
Brauser, I have purchased a few things in this catagory over the last few years and have been surprised by the quality available. It occurs to me that "Contemporary Christian" musicians are less trapped in a particular musical style than "Pop" musicians. For this reason they are able to use a broader mixture of styles.

I really liked Steve Taylor's "I Predict, 1990" which is obviously older. It should be a classic album like DSOTM, or "A Night at the Opera" that everyone owns.

Sara Groves and Steven Curtis Chapman's latest were quite good. I don't know much else about this subculture but they have some good music.
Canadian artist Leonard Cohen is not over rated.

The Strokes and Galaxy 500

Invited to a vertical of 84-87 Caymus Special Select!! - I'm there!! I live in Southern California but I do go up to Northern California frequently and, do make it back back home to New York on occasion (J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!) Glad to meet you on either coast.

I originally purchased a few bottles of the 85 Caymus Special Select when was first released but sold them through Christies about a year ago. I stil have some nice Bordeaux. I could bring - perhaps some Lafite or Margaux. But - my very special wines include several bottles of Penfolds Grange Hermitage. I have them back to 1975. Great Great wine.

I tried to keep my comments about Ronnie non-ideolgical. I was simply pointing out his ability to get a legislative agenda through a hostile Congress, a trait not demonstrated by either Clinton or W. Anyway wy wife is a liberal democrat. We get along great because she will reason logically, fairly and consistantly from a given set of principals and not be a hypocrite. That's all I ask.

Jond - I do get up to Sonoma now and then and may be looking for property upo there in the near furture. I'll try to check out your suggestions.
Can't get the frikkin Dunn wines here in Chicago! At least, not the places I've searched. I've even tried using my last name as an incentive to wine merchants, but to no avail!

Caymus: Cag is underrated. Conundrum is overrated (too much Muscat in it for me, even though I think it's only aboutr 5%). Relatively inexpensive, though.
Contact Dunn directly. If Illinois allows direct shipping I'm sure they'd sell you some. If not them probably many internet merchants would as well. Try Winebid.com, there are often great auction deals on high end wines. Good luck!
Will do, Jond! Thanks for link! Several months ago, I did try to find a phone number, web site, e-mail address for Dunn, but failed. I'll try to link you provided, though, and see what that leads to.
Cpdunn -

My recollection is that you can only buy Dunn on release via mail order direct from the winery only. At least it used to be that way. Therefore, you have to get on their mail order distribution list. I'm leaving for Oakland tommorow on business and then to Vegas for CES. It shouldn't be too difficult for me to pick up the Dunn contact info while I'm in Northern Calif. Expect me to e-mail you the contact info for Dunn next week when I return.
Tenniswino! That would be fantastic! You're a...hiccup...gentleman and a scholar! Thank you!!
Dunn is sold through regular distribution channels, I work for a fine wine wholesaler in DC. There also is a mailing list. It really shouldn't be that hard to find, the market for high end Cali wine is really drying up.
I have seen the Dunn cabs on the shelf in Chicago. The Napa cab is not that hard to find. The Howell Mtn. can be found, but is quite scarce. Try contacting Jim Hightower, Bob Presley, or Todd Hess at Sam's. You should also check with Howard Silverman at Howard's Wine Cellar on Belmont. It would also be worth you while to see Andre Peters at Binny's on Clark Street, or Kevin Biegler at Binny's on Grand. I have, within the past few months, seen actual bottles on the shelf at Sandburg Wine Cellar (contact Alan Blum), and Randolph Wine Cellar (check w/ Perry or Brenda).

Fer Christ's sake folks, it's just grape juice!
Tenniswino -

The Caymus vertical tasting hasn't been scheduled yet - the wine is stored ~30 miles away, so stays out of mind most of the time.

I'll also be at CES Thursday and Friday if you'd like to do some wine tasting there! Friday's pretty well booked, but Thursday is open right now.

Yes, but I love that form of grape juice!

Thanks VERY MUCH for the suggestions. I live in Naperville, so don't get to all the Chicago wine stores as much as I'd like. I'm going to take a pilgrimage next weekend! Thanks.