Output voltage of Denon 103

What is the output voltage on the 103? Thinking about replacing Blue Point with one. Would be mounted on a Project 6.1 Table/arm combo and into an ARC SP 9 mkII preamp.
They run 0.25-0.28 mv. A superb cartridge.
The standard DL103 has an advertised output of .3mv, and the DL103R has an advertised output of .25mv. I have had a DL103(standard) that had the .3mv output, and I currently have a DL103R that has a .27mv output which is slightly higher than advertised. They vary slightly. It is a 8.5 gram cartridge with 5cu compliance, which could be a little too much for your Sumiko Project arm. You could try it and see if it rattles your arm too much, or sets up some unwanted resonances. 103's prefer an arm that's a little on the heavier side, and it can be tough on a set of arm bearings, if there is any play. Tracks at about 2.7grams.

It is a fine cartridge, and I have loved both, but the 103R is definitely the better of the two.
What cart would you recommend with the 6.1 TT/SP 9 MKII phono stage?
Well, I don't know exactly what the gain is on the SP-9 phono stage, but if it's too low, you could always get a step up transformer for it. The DL103 is low output.

I have just done some looking around at some sites that had the Project 6.1 on them, and some of them showed the Denon DL103 on the TT. So maybe the arm will handle it. From the looks of the arm, it is a pretty sturdy looking unit. I was thinking of the lower Project TT's which had some pretty lightweight looking arms on them. The 6.1 just may do alright with a Denon. I'd recommend the DL103R in this case, because it is a better sounding cartridge than the regular DL103. Give it a try, I think you'll love it.
The arm on the 6.1 is a good tracker & solidly made. BUT, as Twl notes, the 103 is heavy. Ask the Pro-ject people b/fore you buy, just to be on the safe side.
dynavector 10x4, shure v15vmxr, benz glider for 6.1 with SP9.