Output voltage for Music Hall cd-25?

I am thinking about going to a passive preamp and need to know what the output voltage on the Music Hall mmf cd-25 is. It is not listed in the specs in the manual or website. I have an Underwood HiFi level 1+ mod, but that should not make a difference (I think). It uses the Burr-Brown PCM 1738 24-bit/192kHz DAC. Can anyone help me?
The standard is 2V -- but that doesn't precisely answer yr question.
Underwood HiFi should know, however. Ask not only the voltage, but also,
the output IMPEDANCE: reference (usually measured @ 1kHz) & max;
also calculate the wattage.

You need energy from the cdp to drive the IC and the amp directly. I.e. yr cdp should have a good output stage. Otherwise, the result will be "thin", i.e. lacking in energy as you go fm midbass down.
Thanks for your response. I heard back from Underwood HiFi and they informed me that 2.2 V is the output. They do not know the impedance unfortunately. Music Hall has not gotten back to me (I don't think they ever will at this point). Has anyone out there measured the output resistance on this unit?