Outlaw and dynaudio?

Would the Outlaw fair well with the Dynaudio contour line? I have the T2.5's and a T2.1 and thinking about going seperates. Looking at the 200 watt X five for the power and the 990 for pre-amp processor. Any comments about this with the Dyns?
What have you heard them with? What is your budget?
I use Outlaw Audio M200s with Dynaudio 70s and Dynaudio 122C with excellent results. I have no reason to look further.
I am currently using a Denon A/V/R-5800.
Would the Outlaw give better results?
I switched from an older Denon receiver to the Outlaws and kept the Denon as a pre-pro. I don't know the 5800. I thought the sound was cleaner and fuller with the Outlaws. I actually bought the Outlaw 950 but sent it back. The controls were clumsy and it was noisy. I think the pre-amp in the Denons are very good, but the Outlaw amp is a better amp and is conservatively rated at 200 W/ch.
Correction...The Denon A/V/R is the 5700...sorry