Outdoor bliss...

We can't take our main rig outdoors to the park or to the beach - and our refined ears would not be happy with most of the mass produced portables.

This one is an exception - Logitech S715i It received 5 stars from Europian hifi magazine, and has 4 quality drivers, with 4 passive ones.

Of-course it doesnt' have the scale and the stereo imaging, but basically it's correct tonality, with nice warmth to the sound.

Can be had for $150 new, or much less refurbished. Light and portable and works on batteries up to 8 hours on a charge, so you can take it to the park, beach, bar b que on the lawn, etc.

I have one in every corner of my place - that's how much I like them, despite the fact that my main consists of Krell, Audio Research, McIntosh TT, etc...

Only draw back is that it's not up to date with the Iphone connection - only up to the 4th generation ones will fit...
but you can connect it using 3.5 mm male to male cable to Iphone 5 or 6, or to a CD player, or even to a computer (I would recommend sound card upgrade - it deserves it).

If you are looking to get your kids in on this glorious hobby, or are sending them off to a college, have a look at it - best mass produced speakers I've ever heard... much better than Bose that costs many times over, if you ask me...although some of them are ok too.