Bliss (the app not the state)

I wonder if anyone else has tried using Bliss to find missing album covers ?

I had nearly 500 ripped classical albums that neither iTunes nor dbPoweramp CD Ripper nor Perfect Tunes could find a cover for automatically. So, I tried Bliss, the good news is that it found covers for over 400 of them.

The bad news:
0. They charge you by the album fixed
1. It didn't like the names of the covers photos embedded by various ripping programs I've used over the years and charged me a 'fix' for 2,000 of my 2,500 albums to rename the jpg to cover or folder (I realize e.g. Aurender needs this)
3. It changes the cover automatically without intervention, this sounds great until you realize how often CD Ripper find more than one match in Discogs and has to ask the user to disambiguate which it is - result, I now have to wade through all my album covers looking for the ones it changed to something incorrect (or weirder to the Japanese version of the album)
4. Their process for undoing their incorrect fixes doesn't restore the cost they charge you and is several time-consuming steps down through the API

My conclusion is that this app is fundamentally broken and should be avoided until they request user intervention every time Discogs has multiple hits for a signature