Ortofon X1-MC

Does anybody have experience with this cartridge? I am thinking of trying one on my Thorens 150TD with an unmodified TP 13A tonearm. Compliance and weight matches well on paper.
Hello i had X-1, X-3 and X-5 ortofon cartridges, they are good family MC High output cartridges.Into x-1 to x-5 are a long distant of quality but also price.
X-1 i remember that the principal thing was detail, but maybe was thin sound.
if you want other please see a Dynavector 10x. i think the best for the price in these group, sorry for my english
I believe I saw one of these on sale on the Needle Doctor's "closeout" page. You might want to check it out.

Thanks Bob, yes Needle Doctor price tweaked my interest. Jjorqueram's assessment of X-1 sounds like it isn't going to provide significant improvement from Grado Blue I am currently using, which is reasonably detailed but lacking magic with this arm and table. Suggestion of Dynavector 10X looks like a good one - but almost 5 times X-1 current price - I guess that is why it is actually called the 10X5 :-)