Ortofon 2M Bronze vs 2M black any difference?

Hey everyone. I was wondering whats the difference between the Ortofon 2M Bronze which I have been using on the systemdek. And upgrade it to a 2M Black for my new rp8. Is there much of a difference in the two or should a guy stick to the 2M Bronze? My Preamp is a cary audio slp-98p Class A all tube phono and a cary CAD120s power amp and totem speakers. Let me know your thoughts/experiences.
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Oldears, I have a bronze with around 100hrs. Let me know if you're still interested. 

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My 2M Bronze is worth every penny of its price. So vivid and so much detail! A more engaging listen than even my old Grace F9E. It makes my Nagaoka MP150 and 200 seem unnatural and colored. I’ve not heard a better MM in my rig all things considered. Next step will be a Black replacement stylus.
Johnjohn, correct the bronze and black styli are interchangeable. The effective mass of these styli are essentially the same and their tracking ability is close to identical. The radius is a little different so they will contact the groove at a different level. Whether or not one stylus sounds better than another will probably depend more on what styli your records have encountered in the past or rather where your grooves are worn the least.
Search Michael Fremer’s Analog Planet comparison of nine cartridges, which included both the bronze and black 2Ms. You can download files to hear the differences (which I felt were clear).