Ortofon 2M Black

I have the 2M Black on my list of MM carts that I'm interested in checking out. Does it "better" the AT 150MLX in certain areas or are they comparable for the most part?

The only carts that I have any real experience with are the Clearaudio Virtuoso and Dynavector 10x5.

Thanks :)
Have you gotten any PMs in response or experienced either of these? I too am trying to decide between them. Thanks if there are any comments which compare. I will be using one of them on a modded rega p-25 with jolida phono preamp.
To me they are both very "accurate". Neither could be called especially warm. Both have soundstaging about as good as it gets for MM carts. The AT's top end is a little more textured, the Ortofon very clean and dry. The AT has lower surface noise, the 2M black and the 2 M's in genral are warts 'n all cartridges- if there is an imperfection with the vinyl or the recording, the 2 M's reveal it. The 2M's are very high output, about 2Mv higher than the already high AT, and so may actually overload some phono stages- check compatibility if possible. One British mag measured the 2M at close to 8Mv output! A guy on ebay sells the black discounted, and the AT street prices have gone up, so while the AT is still cheaper, the price difference is not as great as it was. Overall the AT is a safer choice IMO.
I haven't heard the 2M Black, but I've owned the AT150MLX for over two years. Filmoor's description matches my experience. I find it gratifying that for all the press the Black generated, the 150MLX appears to be in the same league, and possibly better at things that I value (low surface noise, medium output, more textured top end, etc.). I got mine when they were going for $250 for awhile, a crazy bargain. Still a bargain at the current $350-400 compared to the $659 Black, which itself is considered an overachiever. The only thing "wrong" with the AT150MLX is that it's been around for awhile and therefore isn't going to get any professional reviews.

Plus, if it got an honest review it would probably upset the audio press's price/performance hierarchy. I have recently upgraded all cabling from the phono preamp on to the speakers. It has made my system much more transparent and revealing. And one of the things it is revealing is that even at the higher resolution level, the AT150MLX is doing just fine. I have no urge to upgrade there.
How does the AT150MLX compare to the OC9? I have always considered the OC9ML as being a real under $1000 stand-our cartridge without [m]any peers in its price range.