Oracle turn table

Since my purse will open only to the mention of “pre-owned”. I am looking for information on the different model of Oracle turn table. I have read some reviews but it is not enough to make a decision on what to look for. Could anyone point me in the right direction?
Oracle made several 'tables: the Paris was an artsy-looking cheap 'table that I never enjoyed that all that much, the Alexandria is a good 'table if your budget is limited (but usually has an inexpensive arm mated to it and is finicky when it comes to using different arms) and then there's the Oracle Delphi I, II, III, IV, V.

Oracle took the initial Delphi concept and gradually refined it by adding better power supplies, motors, springs, etc... The biggest step up in performance came with the release of the Mark IV (also offered as the Premiere, with a turbo supply, dual speed up front, etc..) and the Mark V is a further refinement of the IV. You can buy just about any Delphi and over time have it upgraded to current status but the incremental improvements come at a high price. I would hunt down a Mark IV, add a good arm & cartridge to it, and enjoy many years of fine music.

The Oracle turntables remain one of the best sounding (and looking) turntables on the market and have certainly developed a cult following. Sound engineering (pun intended) and great looks at a reasonable price, you can have it all! Best, Jeff
Jeff's right on target. If you have a limited budget, and the patience to set up a spring suspended table an Alexandria with a Sumiko MMT arm is a good buy. But a Delphi IV is a hell of a lot better one. I say this even as I'm fantasizing about a new Nottingham ..........
Thank you very much Jeffoistarca for the information. I went and searched on the entire range of model you have mentioned and you are right; the Mark IV is the best choice .I fell in love with the Oracle table in the beginning of the 80s at a Toronto show and I guess I stayed under the spell long enough to still desire one. If I can find one I would like to set it with the Quad 405-2 ,34 pre-amp and a pair of KEF 105.2.Hopefuly I will be able to trade the clarity of sound of CDs for music.

Newbee the Nottingham is a mean looking thing what made you choose that?
Cocotte, There is a benefit to having an unsuspended table. I like the CONCEPT of not having to tune the suspension and having the motor completely isolated from the TT. Additionally it gives me another choice when selecting arms.
Humm! Newbee, point taken, a more practical approach indeed. Well, I will satisfy my dream first then I will consider this avenue if cannot get the combination right.
Which makes me think about something …errrrhummm…you wouldn’t be interested in a couple of cats (12) by any chance?
Cocotte, I already have a male Maine Coon cat who has tried to ride the platter (once!) and I had to remove my panels & stats because of his claws. He leaves my dynamics alone because the grill are held on by magnets and fall off easily if touched - he's a quick learner. One 18lb PIA is enuf thank you!
I agree with Newbee. I have an Alexandria with a Sumiko MMT arm and it is a very good rig indeed, especially for the cash outlay. It has remained a constant in my system every since I bought it back in 1986 and is the one component that I haven't felt the need to upgrade, even though my system has been upgraded many times since 1986. I recently had my Alexandria overhauled with new springs, bushings, etc and installed a new Benz Glider cartridge. It still makes great music!