Oracle Premier Mk III vs Delphi V

Hi guys

I am looking at a turntable upgrade and was wondering what everyone thought about the differences between these 2 tables. Anyone gone from one to another?

Tonearm would be SME VI or V, cartridge is Shelter 901.
I'd go with the Delphi MKV. It has all of the newer technology and parts from Oracle that the Premier MKIII doesn't. New platter and bearing. New subchassis with weight. New motor and controller.

The Premier is an excellent table, but just not as current as the MKV. Either table will sound wonderful.

The SME arm will work very well on either, so that shouldn't be an issue.
The Premier III is a better turntable than the original Delphi - heavier, a completely re-engineered bearing and a better suspension.
If you fit an upgraded DC motor and an acrylic machined mat to your Delphi you will get a fantastic - perhaps better - turntable for a fraction of the price you will spend on the Delphi V.
Well, I couldnt help myself, I sent the premiere back to Oracle and let them give it an upgrade. Mark V keypad with the new Mark VI suspension. It sounds fantastic. I suspect I will keep the table for life.