Optic single mode cable AT&T style

what you think in sound terms about using this cables between cd transport and dac ?Could someone help me to find them by some Usa seller (FC-ST connector)?
this is a fine cable but it has different ends then a standard Toslink - in other words your equipment is either designed to handle it or will not. I have one if you are interested
A fine Fiber Jumper manufacturer is FIBERWAVE out of NY. Give em a call (www.fiberwave.com). Problem is, for optimum use, you'll need a fiberscope and cleaner prior to inserting into your gear. Just because it comes from the manufacturer; doesn't mean the ends are absolutely 100%impurity free (i.e., speck of dirt or hazy when scoped).
Thank' you for your kindness.
The 'best' at&t type of fiber glass seems to be Aural Symphonics Optimism v2... but don't know if it's this you mean.
Corning makes all style of FO jumpers (single & multi mode). Don't know if they make a Toslink style connector or adapter.