Digital vs Optical for DVD player

While I have experimented with interconnects, speaker wires and power cords I woke up to the fact that the salesman sold the wife an optical cord for the audio portion from the DVD to the digital receiver. Out of ignorance on optical cables I look to esteemed posters here to advise as to whether a 75 ohm cable output would offer better transferance of signal than the an optical cable????
Check out the thread at this site titled "Why do digital cables sound different." It was posted on 12-15-00. There is debate (as you'll soon see...) as to whether digital cables make any difference at all. I'm of the opinion that, barring impedance issues, digital cables (coaxial or optical) make absolutely no difference in the perceived quality of the sound. The reason? The signal in a digital bitstream consists of 1's and 0's. I've not been satisfied by any explanation I've read as to how you can "color" a digital bitstream. You can subtract from it (not all of the info gets through), but aside from that you can't taint it in any way. An analog signal is a different story, but the signal isn't converted to analog until it is in the processor and downstream of the digital cable. My advise would be to take the optical cable back and trade it in for an inexpensive coaxial cable. You'll save yourself some money in the process (coaxial cables will run you less than optical cables). My high-end digital cable (Harmonic Technology Platinum-Link) made no improvements that I can detect from the dirt-cheap cable I was using before. In anticipation of challenges to my claims, I'll add that I have a fairly high-end sound system, and I know how to use Q-tips. Good luck.
I USR A TRANSPARENT COAX it is way better than optical. gives way more bass deeper, there is a difference.
I understand Macm's opinion, and agree to a point. I don't completely understand the science behind it all, however I also don't understand Quantum Physics. I do know this, I used a high end Transparent digital coax cable and compared it to a mid-hi end optical cable, and in my system the optic cable sounded anemic. However my brother prefers the optic cable in his mid-fi (I say mid-fi by comparing it to my system) system. What does this leave us with? Only testing for yourself will tell. AudioQuest's web site has a VERY detailed paper on signal transferes, well worth reading. However I do not think it is prudent to spend hundreds of dollars on coax digital...$350 tops!!!! And you can spend even less on fiber...Under $100
Don't know if it makes any difference to you, but Madrigal Audio recommends XLR 110 ohm digital cables over ST optical for their transport to DAC connectors. And they provide both these outputs (and others) on transport and also as inputs on DAC. Their position is that if "optimally" executed, the 110 Ohm XLRs have the "potential" to sound the best. I've compared Madrigal's XLR to the comparably priced Cardas and while the Madrigal was more detailed, the Cardas had better pace, rhythm, and timing-- I preferred (and kept) the Cardas. Based on Madrigal's recommendation for XLR, I did not try try the ST optical. Good Luck. Craig.
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