Does anyone have the STOCK 983H yet?
Opinions please.........
Yep, I do. Replaced a Denon 3910. Slightly better picture than the Denon, sound is about the same, which is very good. I'm quite happy with the purchase...

I got mine last friday straight from the fedex guy.
It sounds really good, replacing a sony es 555 changer
hooked up to and adcom 600dac, which i thought was pretty good. i had them both hooked
up playing the same tracks on 2 cdrs and i was switching
back and forth. man! was i surprised!!! the separate combo sounded rough and harsh--the oppo extremely smooth
and gentle, almost tubelike.
ah lock it a lawt! unfortunately my plasma doesn't support
hdmi, so i can't test the full potential of dvd yet. i bought it right before the mfrs. started adding
that hdmi connector, which i now regret. but oh well. i guees
i gotta buy a new panel, right?
oh yeah, i almost forgto. how about that snappy cloth bag the player comes in? fancy.....
thanks, wainwright!
Have either of you plugged in a USB drive and listened to file based music through it? Just curious as to what formats it supports and how it sounds.
Shazam: I've only had the unit plugged in for 3 days.
But like you, I am curious too.