Opions on the mac Preamp phono sections ?

What is the general opinion on Mac phono sections in their preamps ? My C712 pre is supposed to have a similar phono sections to many of the other Mac preamps. While it is MM only, I suppose I could use a HOMC also. Assuming I stick with a MM or HOMC, is there any advantage to buying a seperate Phono preamp. There would be quite a variety in the $500 used, such as the Monolithic phono preamp, Dynavector, etc...

I guess the main info needed is the opinions on the Mac Preamp phono sections. I really have nowhere to try any separate phono preamps, so before I buy something, I would like to get some opinions on the Mac.
The newest Mac preamps, C2300 and up have received kudos for their phono sections w/ both mm & mc + cartridge loading on the fly, comparable to many highly regarded stand alones.
I have owned two C712s but never used their phono stages. However one of the guys I got one from did and he thought that for the money, it was quite good with strong bass, good coherence, and nice soundstaging - just like the line stage. Use it for a while and make your own decision.

Of course, if you spend more money on a separate one you can do better. But that is left up to you and your budget.

mac has made consistantly good phono sections, and are competitive with many touted separates. if your sticking with mm, there's no need to add an outboard.