Opions on the mac Preamp phono sections ?

What is the general opinion on Mac phono sections in their preamps ? My C712 pre is supposed to have a similar phono sections to many of the other Mac preamps. While it is MM only, I suppose I could use a HOMC also. Assuming I stick with a MM or HOMC, is there any advantage to buying a seperate Phono preamp. There would be quite a variety in the $500 used, such as the Monolithic phono preamp, Dynavector, etc...

I guess the main info needed is the opinions on the Mac Preamp phono sections. I really have nowhere to try any separate phono preamps, so before I buy something, I would like to get some opinions on the Mac.

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mac has made consistantly good phono sections, and are competitive with many touted separates. if your sticking with mm, there's no need to add an outboard.