opinions please


this seems like a really good deal. hospital grade all around. anybody have this or one like it? would be used for sources only. thanks.
This is the exact body and plugs used by Blue Circle for their Music Bars. These are alot cheaper because they do not include the BC86 filters and the Nuetrik power cord connection. They seem like a great deal just as long as you aren't worried about filtering or cord options.
Two opinions,

One: Think about a more descriptive title when entering a thread. It may serve you better on the response. Something that covers your subject in a nutshell like: Is power strip a real deal?

Two: I wouldn't use a power strip on Hifi that contained a circuit breaker or any type of filtering as it will influence the sound.

Happy Listening!
You might consider this strip for your use as well.

Wireworld Tundra

It has unplated brass outlets (sourced from Taiwan) connected in series with 11 awg solid copper wire. I had one cryo'd to check it out, and it was pretty neutral. It would also be extremely easy to add filter caps to it.
I bought the naim/wiremold strip and I am very pleased.