Opinions on Rotel RSP-1066 & RMB 1095 & B&W Matrix

I am considering these electronics for my B&W Matrix 804's (FL&FR), Matrix HTM , and Matrix 805's (SL & SR). Any opinions on what else I should consider in this price range to drive these speakers? 1095 retail is $2k and 1066 is $1500.

Don't know about your speakers, but I'm waiting for delivery of the same Rotel pieces. Excellent choices! I'm sure the 200 watts per channel are enough to drive most anything.

I have the same speaker array as you do. I am using the Rotel RSP-965 with a McCormack Power Amp for the front 2 and a Adcom for the center and the surrounds. I am happy with the sound, however the 1066 is what I would like to jump to. It is an outstanding unit for the money.
I auditioned the 1095 and the 1066, I bought the 1095 but not the 1066, the 1095 is a excellent amp, but imo the 1066 is not, it was fair musicly but very poor on ht, very little seperation and no dynamics, I bought a krell showcase instead and I am very pleased with it, if cost is a issue, I would advise to look for a used prepro such as a krell or a lex, also the classe ssp 25 is a fine peice, good luck