Opinions on replacement for B&K ref20

My B&K ref20 has given up. It no longer powers up, so its time to move on. First of my system.
B&K ref 20 pre/pro
Cinepro 3k6II amp
Polk SRT speakers
Mitsubishi 50" rear projection
Infocus XGA 100" front projector

I had a Classe SSP25 which was very nice but didnt have all the bells and whistles. I got the B&K in a smokin deal that I couldnt pass up and it had better features for my system so I sold The Classe. Now I would like my next unit to be an upgrade from the B&K. I like the sound of Dolby PLII and I'd like to have 7.1 capability even though I wont be using it right off. Money wise I think Im in the $1500 range used of coarse. Some units I have been looking into-
Rotel 1066-$800, 1068-$1400, 1098-$2200
Acurus Act3-$999
B&K ref50-$1500
Outlaw 950-$1000
Adcom GTP860-$???
Anthem AVM2-$1000, AVM20-$1750

What else? Which is better and why? I realize some are much more of an upgrade than others, Im just trying to weigh weather I need alot or a little better.
No one has an opinion?
what about Sunfire Theater Grande III or IV?
A fellow SRT owner.... few and far between are we.Sunfire gear works very well with your speakers.Also try Arcam,in your price range,you have alot of options on the used market.Personally,i would stay with the B&K for the simple fact that you can tailor the sound to those SRT speakers.The level of adjustments in the B&K is outstanding.All said,try and demo a few in your home listening area,that is if you have friends with what your looking for.We have similar rigs,SRT fronts and center,RT3000p rears,FX1000 also B&Kavr307 and A Cinepro 3k6.
b&k...made in the U.S.A. ...Cal. audio labs which is out of business makes a great 5.1 at great used prices. Arcam is what I sold for the Cal gear. I am happy with the swap.
I dont have any way to demo in my area. It seems Im the only one dumb enough to spend this much money on home theater around here. I cant decide if I really liked the B&K to begin with. It did everything I wanted but Im not sure it stood out at anything. I dont see any listings for Arcam Pre/Pros or Cal audio for that matter. The ones I listed above are what I have seen listed here and elsewhere.
What about Fosgate FAP T1+ $1195 ?
Rare factory uptgraded Acurus Act 3, with Aragon Stage One Dac's, direct in's, DPLII, adjustable crossovers, etc. You'll find none better really, and they're rare!
Sorry, it sounds nice but Im leaning towards a more modern pre/pro Like the Rotel 1068/1098 or the Sunfire TGIII or IV.