Opinions on Montana EPS MK 2 speakers

These speakers are 4 ohm- 92 db ...I have tried them on EAR 869 15 watt rms amp....they seem to sound good.
Opinions please on amp power and speakers.
The Montana Loudspeaker line is excellent from top to bottom. They are efficient enough to be run by lower power and are in fact quite enjoyable but IMO they really come to life with 100 watts or greater. I have a pair of EPX that I run with a PASS LAB X250.5.
There price's look cheap compared to the drivers you are getting. If they sound as good as they look on paper, its got to be one of the best deals Ive ever seen
I have a pair of the original EPS speakers. They play all types of music well. Analogtroll is correct, in that they really do come to life with 100 or more watts feeding them. I started using an Air Tight ATM 1 (40 watts per channel) at first. It had a great sound (nice palpable bloom) but lacked dynamics, especially bass. I'm now using a pair of NuForce 9 SE V2 amps, and speakers really sing now. I've never heard the MK 2s, but can only imagine how good they are.
Im using Legacy Focus 20/20's, I love them. But one day they will need replaced(specially since the dome tweeter drivers are absolete with Legacy, just voice coils left). The Montana looks like a good side move, do they make there own drivers?