Opinions on Legacy Audio Classics

I'm going to listen to pair of Legacy Audio Classics tomorrow. These are the slightly newer version that have the two ports on the front. I'm curious to hear opinions from anyone with experience with these speakers.
These would be used with a secondary system in my basement. The room is medium sized (18x25). I'm looking for something close to full range with reasonable accuracy but also the ability to play loud with good dynamics. I listen to a broad range of music, but ultimate accuracy is not my goal for this setup. I have a couple of options for high power amplification, so that won't be a problem.
FWIW, my primary system in my living room is a set of Tyler Acoustic D10's (which are about twice the size of the Legacy's). I also own and have extensive listening time with a set of Carver Amazings, Dahlquist DQ20's, and Klipsch KG5.5's. Of course, I've also spent many a hour at the local audio stores listening to a broad range of speakers, but the above are what I've heard here at my house.

Any feedback would be awesome!

Thank You,
Imo....the legacy classics...are exactly that... a classic. At the prices they can be had for used...hard to go wrong. They can be driven fairly easily and have really solid bass. I also really liked the rear firing tweeter...created a nice ambience.
Oh sorry... re. Your requirements for playing loud, good dynamics, and decent accuracy. ...to my ears....that's exactly what the classics do. Only downside is the weight...but...that's a price that has to be paid with many full range boxes.