Opinions on Krell KPS 30i Please

There's one on offer here quite cheap. Wondering if these are any good? What are current used prices? How does it sound compared to newer upscaling DAC's? I'll only use it as a DAC.

Thanks in Advanced.
I used to own one, paid $1500 for it about two years ago and sold it for the same, and liked it very much. Astounding detail while still being musical and built like a battleship. I only sold mine because it wouldn't play most cdr's and I have a lot of live boots on cdr. If that's not an issue it's a great player at used prices. Woops, just noticed you're using it just as a dac, I would think it would make an excellent dac, it's totally discrete architecture was totally state of that art back then and still good now. If you like detail check it out.