Opinions of Benchmark DAC-1 PRE as a linestage?

I'm looking for a new preamp and am wondering what the board's opinion is on the Benchmark DAC-1 HDR purely from a preamp standpoint. DAC capabilities aside, how is this preamp at presentation of the music? It will be paired with a Pass X150.5

It is a very good preramp, it only has one analog input though.....
I would go for it in a second if it had a few more (maybe 3) analog inputs.

How about it Benchmark, let's have a full width version!
I have one and love it. The volume control is very nice and has very fine adjustemts via remote. It is the only piece of gear I do not plan on upgrading..... well maybe lol.

On a side note (I use a mac mini) I found that the toslink sounds much more balanced in my sistem. The USB was much brighter and forward.
I just ordered one based on Peter Azcel's review in The Audio Critic. Check it out if you're interested.