Opinions needed

Hi guys - new here: For the system I am concerned about here I presently run a single PreAmp feeding two amps: A whole house 8 zone amp with separate volume controls and a dedicated main system/amp located in a great room (so technically part of the whole house). Presently run an older Luxman PreAmp and CD player with a Polk XM receiver). Looking to switch out the PreAmp. The dedicated main system is a Mark Levinson 331.5 into Avalon Arcus. Looking for a symbiotic relationship. Any thoughts recs as to what I should be looking for (needs a true tape out to work the whole house simultaneously) for a good/great match? What to avoid? Anyone with a similar set up? All opinions welcome - Thx in advance!!
there are several pre-amps with two sets of output for just those type of situations, i don't know other my my sonic frontiers has 2 sets of balanced and 2 sets of xlr outputs, im sure there are newer ones with similar featuresets
My BAT VK-30 has two sets of outputs.