Opinion's on XLO's Limited Edition cables

I have read some threads on these cables and seem to be great sounding cables but also making some noise on their price vs. performance impact. I have never been a big XLO follower but I have heard that this line is real good and I am looking to make some chnages in my system.
I like the limited inerconnects and the speaker cables are terrific too. Unlike some other interconnects and cables, you are not making a choice between deep extended bass or top end "air" and sparkle. It delivers everything.

I am not really that fond of the cables that are lower in price in their line, but I guess that is not too big a surprise.

Other cables I like are from the NBS line -- Omega, Statement, and the absolutely amazing Black Label stuff.
one of my local group tried a full slate of Ltd. Ed., and actually preferred the Signature series much more...
Sutts can you elaborate any on your comment regarding your friends observation? As it makes no sense whatsoever to me having owned all previous signature models and the limited Edition and the limited is definitely superior is all parameters in my view.
Mejames....thank you. This is a great site, and it serves a definite purpose, but I will never understand why people make comments about items that they have never heard of or have listened to and yet still make a comparison ! Or, make comments about THEIR piece of gear when it has absolutely nothing to do with the original request / question that was presented. Oh well.....
I am not a real cable fanatic, but I compared a few ( Cardas etc. ) and for me the Limited Edition is one of the best around.
I never thought about a change and I own them for years now.
I don't know all cables ( who does ), but most I listened to, sounded smeared, distorted and slow compared to these.
I think, with these cables you hear the quality of your units. It's a view into the music.
I think, there is much worse out there.
As a professional musician.I
compared just the expensive siltech cables(Holland)SQ 110 XLR
with the limitedLE-2 Balanced Audio Cable XLO Xlr.
I also compared the powercable Siltech Ruby Hill G6 with the XLO LE 10 limited powercable.
The siltech gives a lot of sonical effects.If you like that and like detailles without warm natural sound.
Siltech is your cable.
Siltech use a lot of gold and silver.XLO goes for almost 100 % coper and that is the difference in sound.
May be not so sonical but much more natural that is what XLO gives.But I listen just to classical instruments like a hobo,trumpet,violin,cello etc.
Comparing how natural these instruments are I compare the cables.
My next thing is comparing siltech speakercables SQ 188
with XLO signature and limited speakercables.
Till next time,
Kind regards,
Arjen from the Netherlands.