Opinion on Sota speakers

Hi, anyone remember the Sota speakers. They were a 2 way mini monitor speakers.
I remember them vaguely from years ago. I thought then they looked nice but were way overpriced for the sound quality offered and had no bass. Sort of a poor man's WATTs, which I also didn't like. Used, they may be a better buy, particularly for a smaller room in applications where you don't care about a lack of bass. But is there anyone out there who could fix them if you blew a driver?
real funky with early, ugly focal drivers that required special sound anchor stands to tip 'em up. spicas were better sounding and less expensive. both are now very dated, tho. -kelly
I have had the Time Domain 4 for 9 years. They sound great with my Krell KSA-150 amp, the are four modules, the Panoramas, tweeters and mids/ and the Bass Modules.

They retailed for 5000 but got them New for 1800. Sort of Introduction price, anyway they didnt succeed and discontinued them really fast. I guess they focused on their proven turntables.