Mark Knopfler/Chet Atkins, "Neck @ Neck". This lp is "so" good, "natural sounding", I just wanted to get it "out" there. If you own this "lp", play it and prepare to be astounded, it is not only great sounding, but there is such an "ease" in it's presentation, that is so involving that it takes you by surprise. Thank me later!
See my post on your
"Neck and Neck" Mark Knopfler/Chat Atkins
thread about this same subject.You must really like this album to post about it twice!!
You must really like this album to post about it twice!!
He thinks it's AWESOME.
Hey Slaw, You must listen to more of Knopfler's offerings. If you think that is great, listen to Dire Straits On Every Street LP. The CD is great too. But the ease and flow of sound along with a great soundstage and excellent sonics are first rate. This LP sold for over $130 late last year on eBay.

I have purchased two copies (one on eBay and one here on Audiogon a few weeks ago) both on the Warner Brothers label and each were described as in excellent condition but played to death (groove damage was evident) on 3 of the best cuts on side one.

Also, check out Love over Gold and the cut Private Investigations. Near the end a glass breaks about 20 to 30 feet behind the left speaker. I use this cut to determine if my system is set up properly. It was also just released again for we lucky audiophiles. So far anything I have heard Mark play on has been well recorded. No surprise to me what you are hearing. He is one of my favorite rock artist. I can't wait until they reissue On Every Street. Happy listening.
LOL! I find it a real treat when people get so excited over music that I've loved for years. I agree with Ponnie on all records. My least favorite Mark K. is his latest release "Get Lucky". Just can't seem to warm up to it. Sometimes it tkaes a while for music to really hit me.
Forgot to mention. Slaw if you like Mark K. and Chet. Get some JJ Cale. His latest "Roll on" and "Road to Escondido" are great as well.
Philefreak: I have some JJ Cale, but none of what you mention. I listen solely to vinyl, I was pleased with "Grasshopper", but "Neck @ Neck" trumps it in every way sonically!
I've loved it for years also but haven't played for years and recently rediscovered it. As far as "Get Lucky", I haven't heard it. I did, however feel like with "Kill To Get Krimson" that he was just "cashing in", that's why I haven't bought "Get Lucky".