One Pre to Rule them All?

I have what is quickly becoming a rather scattered system. It's scattered because I have a number of things that I'm trying to drive:

-Zu Druids in my main listening space
-Audio Physic Sparks in the larger area of the house
-AKG 701s

I have been trying to avoid constructing 2 wholly separate systems (with a headphone amp toggled off one), but have assembled pieces driven largely by integrated amps.

Source components:

-KAB modded Technics 1200 >>>Jolida JD 9A Phono Preamp
-Rotel CDP 1072 (sometimes as a transport to a Headroom DAC/Headphone amp)
-MacBook Pro>>>Headroom DAC/Headphone amp


-Jolida 102B driving the Zu Druids
-Creek 5350SE driving the Audio Physic Sparks
-Headroom DAC/amp driving the AKG 701s

I am able to split the CDP by using both the digital out to the Headroom to one of the integrateds and the line level out to the other integrated amp. I have tried unsuccessfully to split the analog source (the JD 9A has two outputs, but I have been running into problems with the level of the signal coming out of the lo/hi outs).

My question is basically this: Should I consider a preamp that has two line outs to run to my integrated amps and a tape out to run to the Headroom? I've looked at the Modwright and the Bel Canto. I'm not wild about spending that kind of money, AND it seems kind of ridiculous to essentially have four preamps in my system.

Should I be looking at a preamp with separate power amps? Anybody else dealing with a similar situation?
You can get away with it but I would not recommend long runs with RCA. You'll get better sound quality if you stick to short lengths or go XLR with balanced outs - it is not just a matter of noise but also amplifier power - XLR balanced preamps can usually drive better the high capacitance of long cable runs whilst some consumer RCA is borderline at more than 12 feet.