Omega Speakers

Saw these interesting single driver speakers. Any thoughts on them? Thinking of getting them for a second tube based system.

I currently own solid states driving 803's but heard that B&W's are not great when matched with tubes. Any suggestions.
louise's speakers are hand made one at a time,you can get a variety of finishes...which are fantastic by the can drive these speakers with 1.5 watts s.e.t amps..........feel free to e-mail me..i'll give you even more info if you like.
I owned a pair of TS1s for my second system. Louis is a swell guy indeed and makes very nice speakers. The build quality is excellent, their sound is very detailed but a little lean too which makes them a good match with lush tubes. I mated mine to an Antique Sound Lab Orchid 3.5W integrated and enjoyed them. However, it made me realize my music tastes are more high-power compatible and so I sold the setup. I don't hesitate recommending them. Arthur
Maybe Duke aka Audiokinesis will chime in .I think he's a Omega dealer.
How is the mids for these speakers? I prefer the sily mids of hmmm sonus lol... but i know its 10x the price