Older subwoofers better than newer subwoofers!

I was considering buying a new subwoofer to replace my Bowers and Wilkins ASW2000, which is a substantial subwoofer with a 12 inch driver.

I spoke to somebody at Bowers and Wilkins and a dealer and there are issues with newer subs where they are tighter but no longer have the ability to fill the room with a fullness that the older subs have. The feedback they receive from new buyers is that the very lowest frequency experience has been diminished with the newer subwoofers because they’re too tight. So if you replace your older subwoofers in a home theater environment you may be disappointed.

So I think I’ll keep my older subwoofer. Sadly people have no appreciation for these vintage subwoofer experiences since most of the current gear offered is built with dsp stuff, smaller drivers and poorly powered Active subwoofers. Further, because of the shortcomings buyers are forced to buy two to ensure a good room coverage. Sometimes progress isn’t what it pretends to be.



I purchased a pair of Janis W1 subwoofer’s in 1982. I still use them in my main system. They are intended for music only, not for HT. To my ears they sound wonderful. The subs are passive so I provide a separate amp and external crossover for them.
I have read many post about the newer powered subs having issues with the built in power amps. 
Joe Nies


Beginning with two DIY JBL 4530 sub-bass horns, Ray Dones Octavium, Jonas Miller and Ken Kreisel's Volkswoofer, Bag End, EarthQuake Sound and David Hall's Velodyne from ULD to DD Plus, I've found the evolution of the mechanical and processing 'stuff' amazing. 

Duke LeeJeune's AudioKinesis' four cabinet Swarm, a simple and affordable bass mode eliminating system has brought room lock satisfaction to many.

In professional reinforcement Cerwin-Vega, Meyer Sound and Danley Sound labs have made some phenomenal strides in reducing size and distortion. 

As a working Bassist my 360/361 and 8-10 trunks haven't left the house in decades. I carry my fiddle under one arm and a 10" upshot and AI Focus amp in a back pack. 

Bass has been berry berry good to me...





@joenies: The Janis W1! Man, that takes me back! That sub was popular with QUAD ESL and KLH 9 owners in the 1960's. Gordon Holt reviewed ’em in Stereophile in the early-70’s iirc. A classic!