Older Pre/pro that offer room correction via 5.1?

I run my video in my HT directly to the TV (bedroom set up). Just have been using an old NAD integrated and was thinking of trying something different.

I've been thinking of picking up an older pre/pro and doing 5.1 analog in from my Blu ray however would like to be able to have some sort of bass management or speaker calibration tools when doing so. My current player offers some but its nothing great.

I don't know if some of the older Krell's would possibly offer this or who has anything. Otherwise I could just pick up a Oppo and use the management in that system but just checking all my options out first.

I just know that on most of the newer stuff you can not do any type of room correction or anything like this when using analog inputs on an AVR etc. At least not that I've seen.

The Krell HTS 7.1 does offers EQ, but no speaker calibration (if you mean automatic calibration).

Honestly, I don't know of any older pre/pro that offers room correction/calibration? You might be better off with a newer receiver.
From what I found newer AVR's or pre/pros do not offer any type of eq or room correction (I'm mostly looking for eq that would be better than my player) when using analog ins on the unit.

The issue I'm finding is just with cross over points etc and I wanted to add a sub and surrounds into the bedroom.

I'm not fimilar with how well I could adjust these things on older pre/pros like the krell or if they would offer eq when using the analog ins.
Check out Anthem. Some (all) of their prepros will redigitize the analog inputs and permit bass management as well as room EQ.

Of course, you may find that philosophically unacceptable but that is the price you will pay for getting these features if you insist on using analog sources.