Old Elac 796 H Sp worth restoring?

I own a Elac 796 H Sp now for some 25 years. At the time an excellent MM cart with vdHul-I needletip. I wonder whether it's worth it to have it restored.

The problem is the needle is gone and before that the stereo width had greatly diminished. A replacement needle is no more available off the shelf.
Restoring by e.g. van den Hul or the Cartidge man would cost hundreds of euros.

Do you think it worthwhile? I suppose the technical developments have gone on. Would a modern cartridge of the same price be better?
As far as I'm well informed this cart is one of the very first on which A.J. v/d Hul prooved hid needle designs were spot on.., I'd reckon he could inform you very well.
I used the 793 for a while.., liked it very much.., am at the brink of buying a 796.., looking forward to it..!

Check this forum.., a lot of 796 info and users.

Good luck