Restoring vintage speakers

I have veneered a lot of speakers.  In the range of 70 pairs at this point over the past 15 years.  All different kinds of shapes and sizes, but all new builds.  I’m interested in restoring an old pair of speakers.  Something really worth spending some time on.

here’s the thing.  I don’t want the speakers.  I have really, really nice ones.  I’m really looking for someone that has a beloved vintage pair of speakers that would love to see them wrapped in some new veneer with a lacquer finish.

I normally get paid for my veneer work.  In this case though, I’m just looking for an interesting project (as long as the owner pays for the veneer).  I’d love to hear from some people that might have interest.  I’d also love  to post some of my work, but since audiogon is so archaic, that’s not possible.  Reach out if you have an interesting vintage pair!  I’d love to share some of my past projects as well.
This sounds like a too good of a deal, but I'll bite.   If you are in the Bay Area of CA, send me a private note.  I have a pair of KLH 30 speakers I am rebuilding into a pair of 12 inch subwoofers.  Most of the veneer is fine, given the age, but there is some definite battle damage on both of the speakers.   I either live with it or install new veneer.
Unfortunately, not in the Bay Area.  I’m in the Midwest.  Shipping isn’t out the question as I’ve done a lot of it.  In my head, I’m looking for a project that is intended to preserve the original design (albeit with a different or more interesting veneer) in lieu of creating something different.
Interesting? I have a set of Pioneer HPM-200 speakers that have a significantly upgraded crossover (documented at 
However, these things are beasts and unless you’re in the DFW area, probably not a contender. 
Ok, I’ll bite. I’ve got 2 pair of Meridian M100 actives with the ugly black veneer finish. Located 7 hours from Denver, St. Louis & Dallas. Let me know if you’re interested in taking your time with one pair of backup cabinets. I may prefer satin over a shiny lacquer finish . . .
Do those meridian speakers come apart?  I’m not familiar with them, but a quick google search revealed shipping could be tricky unless they can be separate from the integrated stand.
They absolutely come apart and all the drivers & amp packs/PSU can be removed.