Old, beat-up recordings you still love.

I find as my system keeps getting better that I also look for better sounding recordings. Often times these new recordings take priority over older favorites that I don't remember sounding as good as the new purchases.

Recently I dug some of those old favorites out and gave them a spin. The sound was not great, but the nostalgic factor rated pretty darn high. They took me back to highschool and college!

Since I was raised on AOR radio my favorites will reflect this, but what are some of your old favorites that you listen to not for the incredible sound quality, but because you really enjoy these old recordings?

Mine consisted of:
Jethro Tull 'Songs from the Wood'
Yes "Fragile'
Supertramp 'Crime of the Century'
Meatloaf 'Bat Out of Hell'

I was at the Rock and Roll hall of Fame a few days ago and really enjoyed the Mahalia Jackson and Howlin' Wolf they played on the tour.

I know there's a lot of great old stuff out there that might not sound great but is still fun to hear. What do you suggest???
Coltrane's "A Love Supreme." I gratuated from hs in '85, but my mates and I were hard into jazz. Wynton Marsalis' version of "Think of One" was another. While others were into Duran Duran and INX, we cranked Terence Blanchard and Thelonious Monk as we drove around in a '66 Buick Riviera; the looks we got were priceless!
Fever Tree; Silver Apples; Batdorf&Rodney; Dust; Jan&Dean-Drag City
Good for you Dweller. Jan & Dean, I have some of their stuff. Here is a chestnut that was given to me with a bunch of old worn records. The album is Jo Stafford "Swingin' Down Broadway" columbia cl1124 I cleaned this record[still noisy and worn] and played it back to the couple that gave me the records. We were awed by her voice. What style and verve. Classy. I never heard her before but if I see any of here stuff I would give it a listen. Anyone else ever hear of her?
I cannot count the number of vinyl copies of sly and the family stone's greatest hits that I've gone through!
Geez Nate, come over to my house sometime - old, beat-up recordings are about all you'll find or hear (and I mean 'old' compared to what you listed! ;^) If I was rich, they might be old and not beat-up, but then again just finding 'em cheap is half the fun...
Pat Travers "Making Magic" I love every song on that old beat up album