old B&O turntable setup & new pre or new tt

I have a real nice main system setup that is purely linestage with digital source (teac(wadia) transport and evs millenium i dac) and have a second setup in my bedroom with an old but pampered Bang and Olufsen 1700 turntable and the expensive cl cartridge.

I admit I haven't played the turntable in years, and have a phono stage input on my NAD integrated (3400). I have many early 80's japanese pressed virgin vinyl records that only were played once or twice (I taped them with a 3 head nak cassette deck). My main sytem is an Audio Research LS5 and D200.

Any recommendations on where my B&O stands, or inexpensive turntable setups with phone stage for my main system($1000 or do I need to spend a lot more) that would give my main system a run for it's money. I also thought about spending the money on the preamp end and getting an old ARC sp series and running it in my bedroom setup.

AM I limited more by my B&O table or my preamp setup???

new phono stage and turntable or enhance my bedroom preamp?

I have VonSchweikerts in my main listening room and B&W Matrix 2's in the bedroom, both revealing speakers.


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A long time ago I had the same turntable. If you haven't used it in a while, chances are it's not running too smoothly. Mine got very noisy after a while. I also had the same cartridge--actually the cartridge was pretty good for the $. You will probably be much happier with a new table (I literally gave mine away to a friend, who was not into hi end, but did have some old records he wanted to play on occassion). A Rega or Project table can be found for a reasonable price (<$1k with arm), and will by far out perform the old B&O. The ARC phono stage is very nice and can be found used at a good price, but there are a few new phono stages that are pretty amazing at their price point, such as the Liehman cube.