Any feedback on thes two arms. thanks
I have a Silver Taper on order. It will be 3 to 4 weeks before it is installed on a new TT. I will let you know what I think at that time if you'd like. Have no input available for the Silver 250. Since both arms are so new I think it is unlikely you will find anyone that has compared the two except the manufacturer. I don't think Galen Carol, who carries Origin Live, has even seen the Silver Taper yet. The Silver Taper was only announced in early February of this year.
I have the OLRb 250 and have been very pleased with the performance with the exception of set up. The anti-skate is less than accurate and the vta is a pain. After reading the Origin Live description of the two arms it appears they still suffer the same problem. Using a high end cartridge that requires precise set up how are these new models going to address the set up deficeintcy????? The taper is about 1500.00 us $$$$$$ and for another 700.00 you could buy a Grahm 2.2 on the used market.