Ok ML CLS and SET amp owners - interesting ?

I own Wright 3.5 SET tube monoblock amps. They put out 4 watts and up to 8 peak. I love the way they sound. I want to try some Martin Logan CLS and while it seems crazy to think they both could work together I ask this question.

The CLS's are 86 db effecient and have a 4 ohm nominal impedience. They drop down to as low 1.5 - 2 ohms. OK, no way my Wright would work as it, but what if I purchased the Paul Speltz Zero Autoformers. I understand it raises the speaker impedience the amps see up to 2X, 3X or 4X.

How does increasing the CLS's from their nominal 2-4 ohms to 8-16 ohms increase the functional effeciency of the speaker? Does this even ring true?

Would my wonderful Wright amps then "work" well with the CLS's. Think this would be a match made in heaven if possible.

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My understanding is the autoformers actually lower the efficiency of the speaker. I would contact Mr Speltz for an accurate answer.

I own CLS IIz's with a SFI Power 2. I also biamp. I think what you are attempting is an interesting experiment, but I would not bet the farm on it. A lot does come down to how loud you listen (I really like the CLS's at low levels).
You are correct in that the autoformers alter the impedance of the speaker, making them easier to drive. At least that's how it as explained to me by a friend who was using an Audio Note SET amp with his ML's. That is, until he moved to the Cain & Cain Single Ben, which sounds much more transparent, with a spaciousness & immediacy to the music that to both of us made the ML's sound distant and frankly, boring. Unless you're absolutely in love with the ML's, I'd recommend sticking with your Cain & Cain IM-Ben speakers. Otherwise, you could end up finding your match to be moving further away from heaven than you had expected.
Just my two cents.
Thanks Boa2. Love my Cain IM Bens, but want to just try the CLS's to compare. May not bother after your post here. I have not heard the CLS's, but find the speaker interesting.
Don't read a couple of responses and take that as golden!!
Call or email Paul Speltz and call Martin Logan and talk to them.
I am sure you can find more info too if you do a search.
Let us know what happens.
True enough, Btstrg. Bill, contact member douglikesaudio and he can give you his impressions of the SET/ML combination. He's the one who now has the Single Ben's.
Good luck,
Just my experience: Vu,of Deja Vu Audio,sent me one of his PP 2a3 amps to try on my Apogee Duetta Sigs. I thought this was going to be a waste of time but I had a couple pairs of single driver speakers I could listen to after the Apogee experiment would fail. WELL I was wrong. I heard some of the most beautiful music come out of the Aps. I've had some 100 watt amps "puke on the floor" driving Vandersteen 3A's which are more efficient and more sensitive than the Aps. Anybody's best amp or best speaker is just their opinion based on their taste so this was mine. I do think most people can hear when the life is being sucked out of an amp for whatever reason but it is a fact that you will be limited to smaller spl's with 4 watts. Depending on how well an amp is designed the autoformers may help alot.
running a powered sub and using the active crossover and only sending the mids/highs to the CLS will certainly help the little amp to power them better.

or try a pair of VTL MB450 amps...they will do the trick!
Definitely speak with douglikesaudio. He's a wonderful person, with a refreshingly open mind when it comes to audio.

After several trial configurations, he actually ended up bi-amping his ML's, with a SS amp on the bottom & the Audio Note SET on the top. Ask him his opinion about the sound. When compared with the mids & highs of the Cain & Cain, I thought the ML's sounded like they were being smothered by a pillow. Soft, pleasant, yet distant & less engaging. No, this is not a categorical dissing of ML's . In fact, Btstrg's system is yet a world apart from what you're talking about with the Wright/CLS combination. Give it a go. Nothing more nagging then wondering "What if...?"
I'd love to hear your impressions.
I decided to just enjoy my IM Ben's and not play with other gear. I will buy more music instead.