Odyssey vs Sim Titan -which amp s to go with?

I'm setting up a nice refined combination 5.1 channel music/HT system in a 20'L x 25'W room. This will be used 30% for music and 70% for HT. The speakers will include 5 ACI Sapphire IIIs(not LE) and an ACI Titan II LE sub. I'll have a solid state preamp/processor. I've narrowed my amp choices to either the new Sim Titan 200 watts x 5 channel unit or Odyssey's Stratos (2 ch) plus the Odyssey HT-3 (3ch). Each Odyssey is 150 watts per channel and has the 120K upgrade.
There are tons of + reviews on the Odyssey. The Sim Titan is so new that feedback is scarce. I know the best way to decide is to audition both in my home. I've had a Stratos in my system for 2 weeks. I have another 2 weeks to decide if it's a keeper. The amp isn't fully broken in and I'm certainly not sold on it yet. There's plenty of air and a nice sound stage. At this point base control is lacking and the overall sound is a little thin-though it's gotten 'thicker' since I installed a pair of Groneberg speaker cables yesterday. I'm trying to give it more break-in time just as the manufacturer has recommended.
If price were not a factor, which of these two amp set-ups would you prefer and why?
ps: I've yet to listen to the Sim Titan in my home system.I have heard Sim amps in audio stores. I find them very refined and high quality. I have 2 friends who absolutely swear by the Sim Titan HT 200 amp. They claim it's one of the best all around music/home theater double duty amplifiers available today. Here are some links to the related gear.
It is not even close . . . go with the Titan